Momotaro – Peach Boy 桃太郎

桃太郎さん、桃太郎さん お腰につけたきびだんご 一つ私に下さいな!

Momotarou-san’s Song

momotarou san, momotarou san
Momotarou, Momotarou

okoshi ni tsuketa kibidango
That kibidango (millet dumplings) on your hip,

hitotsu watashi ni kudasai na!
won’t you give me one!

agemashou, agemashou
I’ll give you, I’ll give you

ima kara oni no seibatsu ni
From now, on to conquer the Oni’s,

tsuite kuru nara agemashou
if you come with, I’ll give it to you.


桃太郎さん momotarou san – Momotarou (the Peach Boy)
お腰 o koshi – waist, hip
につけた ni tsuketa – stuck to, on, connected to
きびだんご kibi dango – A type of Dango (Japanese dumplings) made from the plant ‘kibi’ which is translated to the English, ‘millet.’ Yumi asked me what a ‘millet’ is and I said, ‘wakarimasen.’ I hope your English is better than mine 🙂 Mr. Dmitriev Ivan dropped me a not saying it is a kind of cereal – like wheat or any other.

一つ hitotsu – one
私に  watashi ni – to me
くださいな kudasai na – give!

今から ima kara – from now
oni – Oni, monster
no – ‘s – possessive marker
征伐に sei batsu ni – to the conquest
ついてくるなら tsuite kuru nara – If come along

The first singer asks for Momotarou’s Millet Dumplings. Momotarou answers ‘if you come with me to attack the Oni, I will give you the dango.’

Momotaroh in the Prai Language


Momotarohsan, Momotarohsan,
Okoshi ni tsuketa kibi-dango
Hitotsu watashi ni kudasaina

Yarimashou, yarimashou,
Korekara oni no seibatsu ni
Tsuite ikunara yarimashou

Ikimashou, ikimashou,
Anata ni tsuite dokomademo
Kerai ni natte- ikimashou

Sorya susume, sorya susume,
Ichido ni semete semeyaburi
Tsubushite shimae- Onigashima

Omoshiroi, omoshiroi,
Nokorazu oni o semefusete
Bundori mono o- enyaraya

Ban-banzai, ban-banzai,
Otomo no inu ya saru kiji wa
Isan de kuruma o enyaraya.

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