The Yubikiri Song

指切りげんまん、うそついたら針千本飲ます - 指切った。

This is done when making promises with friends.  (see picture)  Friends lock little fingers (pinkies) together and sing…


yubi kiri genman
“yubi kiri genman”

うそ ついたら
uso tsuitara
If (you) tell a lie…

針 千本 飲ます
hari sen bon nomasu
Drink 1000 needles

yubi kitta
(and) cut (my) finger.


指 yubi – finger
切り kiri – cut, a cut
げんまん gen man – probably the same as 拳骨 genkotsu (fist)
うそ uso – lie, a lie
うそ ついたら tsui tara – If tell a lie
針 hari – needle, pin
針千本 hari sen bon – 1000 needles.  [the 本 is used to count needles – a thousand 千 to be precise]
飲ます nomasu – give a drink, cause to drink [same as 飲ませる ]
指切った yubi kitta – finger cut 

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