About TheJapanesePage.com

A little bit about TheJapanesePage.com

TheJapanesePage.com (or TJP) is a website devoted to helping those learning Japanese. One of the largest Japanese language learning sites on the web, TJP’s main features include:

– A thriving forum for beginner and advanced students alike.
– Hundreds of pages of free language learning articles
– A videos section with a growing collection of Japanese language related videos
– A fairly active chat room
– A wiki on language called Wagawiki
– And much more

Please note: We have just moved to this new server and many of the main features either haven’t been completely moved or will soon be totally redone. Stay tuned for developments!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you will enjoy your stay.


1999 TJP started out as a tiny Geocities website (now gone) to help build Clay’s vocabulary
2000 The Geocities bandwidth overuse caused the site to be down often so…
2000 June 16th – TheJapanesePage.com domain is bought and HTML files uploaded
2001 Yumi and Clay move to Florida; ‘making a living’ means Clay doesn’t work on the site until…
2005 January 21 (8:39:07 AM to be precise) PHP-Fusion CMS is installed with a forum–Yeah!
2007 Video site hastely added, but because of server errors, slow response and poor integration, it was decided to switch CMSes to Drupal (Zengargoyle’s suggestion!)
2008 February 3 Move to Drupal
2008 July 25th Upgrade to Drupal 6

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