Hiragana Page 57 Combinations

The dakuten–hiragana with sound changes. Now with audio. Click for More…

This part is a little different… Take it
slow and you should be able to catch on


How to make the ‘ten-ten’ letters. A ‘ten-ten’
is like a double- quote (") It changes the
sound of the letter to a harder sound. You can
ONLY ‘ten-ten’ the ‘
K‘ row, the ‘S‘ row, the ‘T‘ row and the ‘H‘ row. (look at the chart to the
right – the red ones are the ones with slightly
difficult pronunciation

look at the chart below. You will see that

  • the ‘K’ row becomes ‘G’ (still
    the same good ole ka only with a ten-ten
    ; notice it is a harder sound)

  • the ‘S’ row becomes ‘Z’ (again
    harder sound)

  • the ‘T’ row becomes ‘D’

  • the ‘H’ row becomes ‘B’ or
    ‘P’ (‘B’ is with a ten-ten (ex.
    ba) and
    ‘P’ is with a circle (ex. pa))

Actually if you allow it to sink in, the
sound changes seem quite logical. You will get
used to it quickly

this page until you feel comfortable with


Download MP3s of these sounds here.

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