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Let’s take a look at the M’s. These five are as you should expect… No big surprises

– ma    – as in MAMA
It’s someone’s MAma kicking someone out with her foot.

– mi    – as in ME

It looks like a MEteor shower.

– mu    – as in MOOd
It’s an upside down MA, pronounced MU.

– me    – as in MAY
It looks like a man with his legs tied who MAY fall if he doesn’t stop leaning over.

– mo    – as in MOE 
This looks similar to a lawn MOWer.

Write them out 10 times a day and soon you will get it.  To
aid memorization, make silly associations to go
with them. You can use the above mnemonics or you can make your own!



you write the above katakana 10 times? Did you sound them out as
well? Well, do it again! And then take the following test &
Javascript quiz (see link below)…


How do you read these Katakana characters? What English words do they sound out? (Some may be easier than others to guess)

マン ____________    This
means ____________

ミート ____________    This
means ____________
コーム_____________   This
means ____________
メキシコ _____________    This
means ______________
モーア _____________    This means ______________

イニ、ミニ、マイニ、モ_____________    This means ______________

Click here to check
your answers

Perhaps you can recognize
these 5 in just one day of practice.  







マン   man This means Man
ミート mi-to This means Meat

コーム  ko-mu This
means a Comb
メキシコ mekishiko  This
means Mexico
モーア  mo-a  This means Mower

イニ、ミニ、マイニ、モ ini, mini, maini, mo  This means Eeinie, Meenie, Minie, Moe


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