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Newest Japanese Lessons and Articles:

Makoto e-Zine #1 Audio Files

Issue #1 April 2018 DOWNLOAD the eBOOK: Please note: This issue is completely free and may be downloaded as a PDF (recommended for the pretty graphics), MOBI (for Kindles and Kindle readers), or ePub (eBook format for everyone else). Click here to download the e-zine....

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I, Me, & Thee: On Japanese Pronouns

Japanese is famous for dropping pronouns. Once the topic or subject of a conversation is established, it is awkward to continually use the pronoun. And yet, ironically, there are tons of pronouns available for use—even more when considering dialects. As mentioned...

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Learn Japanese Animal Names

Japanese animal names vocabulary list for beginners. Let’s learn a few common animal names in Japanese. First, the word for “animal” is 動物 doubutsu. This literally means moving (動) thing (物).

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I Want to… I Really Do, But How Do I Say I Want to in Japanese?

Basic Japanese grammar lesson: Using ~たい ~tai--to want to... Adding ~tai adds the "want to" meaning. This is formed by finding the ~masu form and adding ~tai. For example: To eat → to want to eat: 食べる → 食べます → 食べ+たい → 食べたい taberu → tabemasu → tabe+tai  →  tabetaiTo...

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Taunting Sarcasm with Akkanbe- アッカンベー

You may have seen this facial gesture in Japanese anime, manga, or in the movies. While it is considered immature and childish, it has a rude or dismissive meaning--not as bad as the Western middle finger, but not polite either. It's a way to mildly insult someone.  ...

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