Body Idioms Part II

Body Idioms

~を尻に敷く be henpecked
腕が鳴る to show one’s skills
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There are many expressions which use body parts in Japanese. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


This literally means “spread ~ under one’s seat and sit on it.”


I think “to henpeck” or “to rule” are appropriate translations for 尻に敷く.


She henpecks her boyfriend.  Or  She rules her boyfriend.



He is controlled by his wife..

This expression is used from women to men. I’ve never heard it used for a man ruling a woman. It happens to couples who are already married or who have a strong relationship between them.

Maybe men are more easily ruled by women? :p

Or are men simply pretending to lose to women~?

Bulletin 腕が鳴る

This literally means “one’s arms make sound.”

When you do something requiring physical strength, and you are ready to do it, you might stretch your muscles to warm up your body. That sometimes make sounds and is the situation when you would use this 腕が鳴る.


Even if you don’t use your body, if you have something requiring mental ability to do, you are confident you can do it, and you can’t wait to tackle it, you can say 腕が鳴る, too.


腕が鳴る means “can’t wait to show one’s skill”



I can’t wait to face the best team in town.



When he was invited to the potluck party, since he was good at cooking, he was looking forward to showing off his skill.

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