Body Idioms Part IV

Body Idioms

耳にたこができる the ‘umpteenth’ time
足が棒になる My dogs are barkin’



And a few more body idioms in Japanese from Chiyon:




This literally means to “have sore ears.”



I think it is common for parents to have to tell children many, many, many times to clean up their stuff.   Just think of your own childhood–or, maybe I was just an unusual child… ^^;


And when these children hear the same thing over and over from their parents, especially when they are being scolded or receiving a lecture, they get an earful and are tired of it. In such a situation, you use this expression.



sono hanashi wa, mimi ni tako ga dekiru hodo nandomo kikasareta

I heard that for the umpteenth time. 


sensei ga, urusaku nando mo onaji koto o chuui suru node, mimi ni tako ga dekita.

I’m sick and tired of my teacher lecturing me over and over.






This literally means “one’s legs change to sticks.”


If you are not used to walking a lot, and suddenly walk for a long time one day, your legs get sore and you feel like you can’t take another step. If your legs feel like they are not your own legs anymore, you can say “足が棒になる.”



machi o ichinichijuu sansaku shite ashi ga bou ni natta.

I strolled around town all day long and I walked my legs off. 



ashi ga bou ni naru hodo, aruki mawaru.

I walk and walk till my legs become like a sticks.

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