Japanese Car Plates

About Japanese Car Number Plates

Cars in Japan have license plates. 🙂 In Japanese they are called namba- pure-to .  

The top left has a screw.  Next to the screw is the ken (prefecture)’s name. In this case 福井 fukui .  According to Dean, a surfer kind enough to drop me a note, the numbers to the right may be the class of vehicle, small car, big car, taxi, truck, etc. for example, in Osaka Taxi is 500. After the 2nd screw the bottom left has a hiragana, in this case み .  This along with the numbers to the right are the car’s number.    

  • There are two main types – Yellow plates (see above) and White plates (Same as above only white – It doesn’t hurt to use your imagination once in a while!)

  • YELLOW PLATES – smaller cars (called kei ji dou sha in Japanese) 

  • WHITE PLATES – bigger cars (if it has a more powerful engine it is probably a white plate)  

  • Needless to say, Yellow plates are much cheaper than White plates.  shaken is also much cheaper.  ( shaken is the mandatory car inspection every 2 years. – I hope to do more on this later!)

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