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Japanese National Holidays

When & what is the next holiday?

For as much as the Japanese work ethic is praised, they sure have quite a lot of national holidays. (at least it seems so as I type this…)
This list may be a little out of date. Please consult a calendar before making dinner reservations.


Jan 1 元日
New Year’s Day
New year is celebrated
2nd Monday in Jan 成人の日
seijin no hi
Coming of Age Day
Those who are 20 become adults
Feb 11 建国記念の日
kenkoku kinen no hi
National Foundation Day
Japan’s legendary first emperor, Jimmu, is said to have began his reign
Mar 20 or 21 春分の日
shunbun no hi
Vernal Equinox Day
Ap ri l 29 緑の日
midori no hi
Greenery Day
Celebrate nature’s goodness & former Emperor Showa’s birthday
May 3 憲法記念日
kenpou kinenbi
Constitution Day
Commemorates the Costitution of Japan
May 4 ( Added Holiday ) Golden Week wouldn’t be Golden Week if you had to work in-between two consecutive holidays!
May 5 子どもの日
kodomo no hi
Children’s Day
This is the holiday where Carp kites are put up outside
July 20 海の日
umi no hi
Marine Day
Starting in 1996 this holiday recognizes the importance the ocean holds for Japan
Sept 15 敬老の日
keirou no hi
Respect for the Aged Day
Celbrates the elderly
Sept 23 or 24 秋分の日
shuubun no hi
Autumnal Equinox Day
2nd Monday in Oct 体育の日
tai iku no hi
Health Sports Day
Promotes sports and health
Nov 3 文化の日
bunka no hi
Culture Day
Celebrates culture
Nov 23 勤労感謝の日
kinrou kansha no hi
Labor Thanksgiving day
For as hard as the Japanese work, they need this and more!
Dec 23 天皇誕生日
tennou tanjoubi
Emperor’s Birthday
Japan’s present Emperor, Akihito’s birthday

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