Gift ideas for host family

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Gift ideas for host family

Post by heartboston » Sun 07.08.2007 11:15 pm

Next month I will be traveling to Japan as part of an exchange program. This is the second part of the program, as the Japanese members came here and stayed with us last summer. The man who stayed with us brought us many expensive gifts, including books about Japan, food items, and yukata (as well as the male version of loungewear). I am trying to figure out what to bring to him (and he recently got married, so we would like to bring things for his new wife as well). So far, we got three different Daisuke Matsuzaka shirts (we're Red Sox fans, clearly) and a Red Sox hat, some New England scented candles (cranberry, pumpkin), and some other food items unique to New England. Does anyone have ideas for any other items we should bring to our friend? We don't want to disappoint him! Thanks for your help.

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RE: Gift ideas for host family

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 07.09.2007 9:31 am

those sound pretty nice.. were there any things he showed interest in while he was here?

maybe some books about New England or your specific city in New England, so that he can look back at pictures and such.. maybe even a scrapbook of places you visited with him.. with captions that are unique to his visit..

if he is a baseball fan, you could even get a ball and bat maybe.. with red sox logos on them.

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RE: Gift ideas for host family

Post by Mike Cash » Mon 07.09.2007 2:28 pm

This might get more replies if posted in the appropriate section.

Can a moderator move it, please?
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RE: Gift ideas for host family

Post by AJBryant » Mon 07.09.2007 6:07 pm

Has someone already moved it? Culture seems like a good place to me.


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RE: Gift ideas for host family

Post by Hatori » Mon 07.09.2007 6:25 pm

Hmm... Well, you might want to bring treats or things normally a Japanese person can't get. Or buy a product that somebody in Japan would have to buy online to get.

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