Chapter 12

Translations of chapters from the story by our own richvh
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Chapter 12

Post by katafei » Sun 02.10.2008 6:10 am

Chapter 12

Where is Yuki?

Next morning, when the landlady woke up, she couldn’t find Yuki. ‘Where on earth is that girl?’ she thought. ‘I wonder if she is still at the castle?’

The landlady hurried to the castle. When she arrived at the castle, she asked the guard: ‘I’m the landlady of the onsen. Last night my tea ceremony artist came to the castle to entertain the Young Lord, but she hasn’t returned to the onsen. Is she still at the castle?’

‘Wait one moment, please,’ the guard said.

Soon, the chamberlain came to the gate. ‘Last night, the tea ceremony artist left for the onsen. She did not arrive there?’ he asked.

‘She did not,’ the landlady answered.

‘Thank you very much for letting us know. We will search and find the tea ceremony artist. Please do not worry.’ The chamberlain said.

Then, the landlady went back to the onsen, and the chamberlain went to the Young Lord to report. The guards were ordered to start the search for Yuki.

Soon, the chamberlain reported to the Young Lord again: ‘Young Lord, this torn hair bracelet and a piece of silk were found on the road. There were signs of a struggle.’

‘I see. Take me to that spot. We’ll bring along the guards and hunting dogs,’ the Young Lord said.

And so the Young Lord and his party left the castle.

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'when the landlady woke up', this is probably a loose translation, but 'after she had gotten up' sounds a bit warbled to my ears.
I'm not sure if I got the te-form meaning right here, esp since there is no comma?
this 帰り form is new to me, but this translation made the most sense ^_^
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RE: Chapter 12

Post by richvh » Sun 02.10.2008 9:02 am

Looks fine to me.
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