The Top Ten Reasons Why You Were Late For The Meeting

Some very good excuses for the modern slacker.

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Were Late For The Meeting:
僕は。。。会議に遅刻しちゃった。その理由は …
“I was late for the meeting, because…”

1. 島流し shima nagashi – banished to a deserted island for criminals
USAGE: 僕は島流しにされました。 boku wa shima nagashi ni saremashita. “I was banished to a deserted island for criminals.”   

2. 迎え撃つ mukae utsu – meet the enemy and fight
USAGE: 学校へ行く途中、敵を迎え撃ちました。 gakkou he iku tochuu teki wo mukae uchimashita. “On the way to school, I met the enemy.”

3. 晴耕雨読 sei kou u doku – on fair days work the fields; on rainy days, read a book
USAGE: (雨が降るの場合)晴耕雨読 。 ame ga furu no ba ai sei kou u doku “(In the case of rain) on fair days work the fields; on rainy days, read a book.”

4. 寒中水泳 kan chuu sui ei – Swimming in the dead of Winter (Useful particularly in Winter)
USAGE: 僕は「白熊クラブ」に参加して、寒中水泳しました。 boku wa shiro kuma kurabu ni sanka shite, kan chuu sui ei shimashita. “I joined the ‘polar bear club’ and went swimming in ice water.”

5. 果たし状 hatashi jou – challenge to a duel, death threat
USAGE: 僕はまた果たし状を受け取った。 boku wa mata hatashi jou wo uketotta. “I received another challenge!”

6. 武者修行 mu sha shu gyou – to set out to perfect one’s martial arts skills
USAGE: 僕は武者修行に行きました。 boku wa mu sha shu gyou ni ikimashita. “I went off to perfect my skills.”

7. 移住 ijuuto migrate
USAGE: 僕は渡り鳥に変身して移住しました。 boku wa watari dori ni henshin shite ijuu shimashita. – “I metamorphasized into a migratory bird and migrated.”

8. 雲隠れ kumo gakure – a ninja disappearing in a cloud
USAGE: 僕は会議のことをさっぱり忘れて雲隠れした。 boku wa kaigi no koto wo sappari wasurete kumo gakure shita. ” I completely forgot about the meeting and vanished in a cloud.”

9. 食べ過ぎて動けない。 tabe sugite ugokenai – eat so much that I was unable to move
USAGE: 僕は食べ過ぎて動けない。 boku wa tabe sugite ugokenakatta. “I ate way too much and can’t move.”

10. 逃げる nigeru – to run away; escape
USAGE: 僕は会議から逃げました。 boku wa kaigi kara nigemashita. “I escaped from the meeting.”

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