100 Grammar Points


97. Giving and Receiving あげる、くれる、もらう


These three verbs are easy to mix up, but they aren’t too difficult if you spend some time learning each word’s function. It is, of course, more complex than this page allows, but this should give you a fairly good understanding.

The Word: あげる

  • When you, the speaker, give something to someone, use あげる

kore o anata ni agemasu.
I will give you this.

NOTE: The receiver is the one with the に particle (あなたに to you).

The Word: くれる

  • This is also usually translated as ‘give’ but it is from the receiver’s point of view.

tanaka san ga kore o watashi ni kuremashita.
Tanaka gave this to me.

NOTE: Again, the receiver is the one with the に particle. (私に to me)

The Word: もらう
arrow もらう is used from the perspective of the receiver.

watashi ga tomodachi kara ke-ki o moraimashita.
I received a cake from a friend. (My, the receiver, point of view)

NOTE: If から is used, the meaning should be pretty clear (友達から from a freind), but you can also use に to show who is doing the action as in:

watashi ga tomodachi ni ke-ki o moraimashita.
I received a cake from a friend.

NOTE: The use of に with もらう can seem confusing considering に is used to mean the receiver in the other two cases

100 Grammar Points


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