100 Grammar Points


61. Etc… and… など、とか

Sometimes you have to say more than one thing. Whoever invented “etc.” was a genius. Let’s see how to do this in Japanese…

First a few ways to list multiple items:

や ya – and, and so forth

pi-man ya hourensou ga kirai desu.
I don’t like green peppers, spinach and the like.

とか toka – or, and, and so forth

kuma no pu-san toka doraemon toka kiti chan ga suki desu.
I like things like Winnie the Pooh and Doraemon and Hello Kitty.

And now for nado to wrap things up.

tabemono no naka dewa piza toka furaido poteto nado ga suki desu.

As for foods, I like things like pizza or french fries.

100 Grammar Points


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