100 Grammar Points


51. Looks like ~みたい

Looks like we made it – as Barry Manilow would say – at least we made it half way!

台風が 来る みたい
taifuu ga kuru mitai.
looks like a hurricane.
[This could mean you are looking at storm clouds, OR someone told you a hurricane is coming and you are reporting that possibility]

And just add it after a noun:

この 景色は 夢 みたい
kono keshiki wa yume mitai.
This scenery looks like a dream.
[Useful if visiting Mt. Fuji – or, alternatively, if you have bad dreams, a garbage heap…]

あの 人は 日本人 みたい
ano hito wa nihonjin mitai.
That person looks like he’s [or she’s] Japanese.

There is another usage of –mitai where it can mean “try and see” when added to the て form of a verb:  

やってみたい yatte mitai – I’ll give it a shot.
食べてみたい tabete mitai – I’ll taste and see.

100 Grammar Points


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