100 Grammar Points


52. I’ve heard ~そう

While みたい can convey information you have heard as well as what you see, ~そう is mainly used for info that originated  elsewhere.

– I heard…

1) simple verb + ~sou + desu/da

ゆきちゃんは 肉を 食べない そう だ。
yuki chan wa niku o tabenai sou da.
I heard Yuki doesn’t eat meat.

2) -i adjective + ~sou + desu/DA

田中さんの新しいパソコンは とても 高い そう です。
tanaka san no atarashii pasokon wa totemo takai sou desu.
I heard Tanaka’s new computer is very expensive.
[This info could have come from Tanaka himself, or someone else]

100 Grammar Points


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