100 Grammar Points


38. How… どう

Let’s look at ways of using どう dou .

どう です か?
dou desu ka?
How is (it)?
[Use this for asking how something is (food, a movie, current state of mind)]


どう でした か?
dou deshita ka?
How was (it)?
[Use this to find out about past experiences – movie, last night’s date, the molded pizza you just ate…]


dou yatte?
How do you do it?
[Ask this when you are not sure how to do something] 


どう しました か?
dou shimashita ka?
What happened?
[Ask this if someone looks sad or something has happened]

dou shiyou

What shall (I or we) do?
[This is often used when you can’t make a decision and want help… doushiyou, ne!]


どう する の?
dou suru no?
What will you do?
[When you want to encourage someone to make a decision — Well, what will you do?]

100 Grammar Points


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