100 Grammar Points


40. said といいました

Meet the wonderful と to.

Mr. can act as a quotation marker (“). Very often if you are quoting someone or some source. This is best shown with examples:

Quotation Marker

ore wa su-paman to iimashita.
He said, “I am Superman.”

According to…

When something isn’t said, per se, but is a quote anyway.

ano e wa juu seiki ni tsukutta to kaite arimasu.
That painting was made in the 10th century according to the writing.

It can also be used to mark sound effects of things or animals:

ano inu wa ‘wan’ to iimashita.
That dog barked, “bark”

There are many other usages for “to.” Paying attention to each usage will help you get a good grasp.

100 Grammar Points


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