100 Grammar Points


69. A Closer look at ใ‚’

Pronouncedย o but written in Japanese as wo. Simply put, ใ‚’ is the “direct objectย marker or particle” which indicates the previous word is the direct object.ย There are cases when the English would not consider it a direct object,ย though. Learn some examples and give it a try. This particle is one of theย easier ones…

watashiย wa ringo o tabemashita.
I ate an apple. (apple is the ใ‚’)


o kikitai desu.
I want to listen to music. (music is the ใ‚’)


o kau tsumoriย desu .
I intend to buy a TV.
(tsumori means “intend to”; TV isย the ใ‚’)

100 Grammar Points


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