100 Grammar Points


28. More, ~er もっと

One easy way to say “MORE” or “-er” is to add a もっと motto before the object you want to emphasis. This is one of the rare times that the word order is the same with English – or at least with the more part! Relish the moment (while you can

{ motto ~ = more ~ }

もっと ピーマン を 食べなさい。
motto pi-man o tabenasai.
Eat more green peppers.
[~nasai is like the te form in that it gives commands, but it is stronger. ]




{ motto ~ =  ~er }


もっと 早く 言って 下さい。
motto hayaku itte kudasai.

(Next time) please say (it) a little earlier.
[Useful when someone tells you NOT to cut the yellow wire of the bomb after you have done that…]

100 Grammar Points


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