100 Grammar Points


35. Must do なければなりません

This is a mouthful, but it is so useful. Learn it well.

Construction:  plain negative form – i +  ければ なりません kereba narimasen

ピーマン を 食べなければ なりません
[Would be 食べなfor the plain negative form] pi-man o tabenakereba narimasen.
(I) must eat green peppers. 

(Many Japanese children don’t like green peppers)

Say that five times fast with your mouth full!

Perhaps the most useful usage is:

~しなければ なりません
The shi is from suru (to do)

勉強 しなければ なりません
benkyou shinakereba narimasen.
(I) must (have to) study.

しなければ なりません
shinakereba narimasen.
(I) must (have to) do (it).

100 Grammar Points


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