100 Grammar Points


26. Making the て form

If you know how to make this form, you can do a lot!  Later we will look at other grammar points that are based on the te form, but by itself, the te form makes a verb a request (or demand) 


  1. のむ nomu (to drink)
    のんで nonde (drink!)
  2.  たべる taberu  (to eat)
    たべて tabete (eat!)
  3. する suru  (to do)
    て shite (do (something)!)
  • These are the ways to make the te form
  • for each of the 3 types of verbs
  • If you are new to the “types of verbs” thing, take it one step at a time. If you are good at memorizing lists of verbs, do so. But if a root canal sounds more appealing, just memorize examples and, as long as you learn from your mistakes, eventually, you will use your verbs correctly.

100 Grammar Points


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