100 Grammar Points


33. That それ・その

This and that. Now, we are on the THAT part. Depending where the object is in relation to the speaker, you use different words for “that.”

sore – when “that” is not connected to a noun.

それ は 何 です か?
sore wa nan desu ka?
What is that?


それ は ねこ です。
sore wa neko desu.
That is a cat.


  • HINT: Begin to think of the words starting with K’s as “this” and the S’s as “that” words  

sono – When you put “that” before a noun, it changes to sono.

その ねこ は ポチ です か?
sono neko wa pochi desu ka?
Is that cat, Pochi?.

いいえ。 その たこ は ポチ です。
iie sono tako wa pochi desu.
No. That octopus is Pochi.

  • HINT: This is used in the same way as kono.

100 Grammar Points


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