100 Grammar Points


24. “Become” – に なります

  • To show the state of becoming something else, use ~に なります ni narimasu.
  • The ni is placed after what something is becoming (or became, or might become).
  • The narimasu means to become. Nouns and -na adjectives use ni narimasu.
  • -i adjectives are different, but for now there are enough useful nouns to look at:


夜 に なりました
yoru ni narimashita.
It has become night.

  • ~mashita shows past


友達 に なりましょう
tomodachi ni narimashou.
Let’s become friends.

  • the ~mashou means “let’s”

げんき に なりました
genki ni narimashita.
(I) have become fine / healthy.

100 Grammar Points


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