100 Grammar Points


19. は、が

These two particles は wa & が ga both cover what in English is typically the subject or focus of the sentence, but は wa is greater in scope than が ga.

wa – the main topic particle of the conversation

ga – the particle that usually marks the subject of the sentence

わたし クレイ です。
watashi wa kurei desu.
I am Clay.
[Clay is the topic and now this is known, it won’t be repeated unless the topic changes]

ねこ すき です。
neko ga suki desu.
(I) like cats.
[“cats” are actually the “subject” here.  Maybe this is easier to see “Cats are liked (by me). 

  • Note: you could say “watashi wa neko ga suki desu.” but it is unnecessary because we have already said “watashi wa” (The overall topic is already known)]

If both are in a sentence, the wa is first


The wa is written with a hiragana ha but pronounced as wa


100 Grammar Points


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