Bakari (ばかり)

Meaning: 1) often, a lot, much, only doing… 2) about, around
JLPT Level: N4

anta, mainichi, tabete bakari da.
you (not polite)-every day-eat-only
You simply eat all day.

Notes: あんた is a impolite version of あなた.

だ is a casual form of です.

watashi wa tabeta bakari na node, onaka ga ippai desu.
I-(topic marker)-ate-only-therefore-stomach-(subject marker)-full-is
I just ate so I’m full.

Notes: Here we have the past tense 食べた therefore ばかり means the event just happened.


Basically ばかり means there is nothing but what is stated. When the verb is in the past tense it takes the meaning of “just happened” which really means “since that time nothing else has happened.”

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