Doumo (どうも)

Meaning: 1) truly, really, very much 2) I’m not sure
JLPT Level: N4

doumo arigatou gozaimasu.
very much-thanks-(polite)
Thank you very much.

uchi no ko ga osewa ni natta sou de, doumo sumimasen.
within-(possessive)-child-(subject marker)-aid-became-appears to have-very-sorry
I want to thank you for troubling to help our child.

Notes: The speaker probably didn’t realize person had helped his child while he was helping.
Example of usage #1

doumo wakarimasen node, mou ichi do itte kudasai.
not sure-not understand-therefore-more-one-time-speak-please
I simply can’t get it, Could you say it one more time?

Notes: Example of usage #2


A) Used to emphasize the statement – truly, really, very much: Mainly used with ありがとう and すみません. Note: often どうもありがとう is shortened to just どうも. Another varient is saying どうも twice – どうもどうも

B) Said when the speaker hears something not understood when the speaker wants to understand

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