Mama (まま)

Meaning: same, doesn’t change
JLPT Level: N4

kutsu o haita mama douzo.
shoes-(direct object)-enter-without change-please go ahead
Feel free to keep your shoes on.

Notes: Some buildings (like libraries) in Japan don’t require taking off shoes.

kotatsu o tsuketa mama dekakemashita.
kotatsu-(direct object)-on-without change-left
I left with the kotatsu on still.

Notes: Kotatsu is a (usually low) table with a heater in the inside and a heavy blanket drapped over to keep the inside warm for cold feet. Cats love ’em.


Condition didn’t change

た form of a verb + まま

It is often used with sono or kono:
このままでいい。 kono mama de ii. It is ok just like this.

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