Nagara (~ながら)

Meaning: while doing A also doing B
JLPT Level: N4

ongaku o kikinagara shukudai o shimashita
music-(direct object marker)-listen while-homework-did
While listening to music, (I) did homework.


It is formed by taking the stem from the -masu form of a verb and adding ながら

聞く ->  聞き ます -> 聞きながら
する ->  ます -> しながら

Note that the first verb (the one with ながら has no tense (not past or present).

A useful set phrase using ながら is 残念ながら zannen nagara – That’s too bad, but…:
zannen nagara, pi-man o zenbu tabenasai.
That’s too bad-green pepper-(direct object)-all-eat(command).
It’s a cryin’ shame, but eat all your veggies!

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