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Introduction to Keigo, Polite Language

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Introduction to Keigo, Polite Language

Let’s look at Honorific Japanese:

There are actually several types of Honorific Japanese. Today, we will take a look at words used to exalt the person being spoken to.

First let’s look at the words you will say to your boss or to anyone you respect. (to exalt–said to someone on higher than you)

Regular Honorific Examples & Explanation:
見る (miru) to see ご覧になる (go ran ni naru) You will hear this a lot in stores and on TV. It is used to politely get someone to look at something.

先生これ を ご覧になって 下さい
kore o goran ni natte kudasai
Teacher, please look at this.

行く (iku) to go
来る (kuru) to come
いる (iru) to be
いらっしゃる (irassharu) You can’t escape this one. Every supermarket, mall or store has someone yelling a form of this at you! Thanks for coming!



Or when speaking to a superior, you may ask:

あ したいらっしゃいますか?
, irasshaimasu ka?

Will you (still) be here/there tomorrow?

食べる (taberu) to eat
飲む (nomu) to drink
召し上がる (meshiagaru) The McDonald’s bag has this scribbled on it. It was a very polite french fry!

なっとう召し上がって ください
nattou o
meshiagatte kudasai

Please eat the natto.

言う (iu) to say おっしゃる (ossharu)

osshata toori
It is just as you said. (I agree with you)



You will notice that in addition to changing the form, the new words are almost always much longer.

This was just a snippit. If your mouth is watering for more, here is the complete lowdown on keigo

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