島流し Banishment


Banishment / exile to a desert island

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate
| A = Advanced

shima nagashi

Banishment / exile to a desert island

shima island

流し nagashi flow (of water), sink, current

shima – island [B]

半島 han tou – peninsula [I]
無人島 mu jin tou – unpopulated island [A]
国際交流 koku sai kou ryuu – international exchange [I]
流れ星 nagare boshi – falling star, shooting star [A]

Henry’s ecstatic joy soon turned to sorrow when he learned there was no Pokey or Cal-Pis.


takura kuji ga atatta henri- no shouhin wa, rakki na koto ni shimanagashi datta.

Lottery winning Henry won the lucky banishment to a desert island prize.


宝くじ takara kuji – lottery

あたった atatta – won, hit simple past of 当たる ataru

ヘンリ henri – Henry foreign names are always written in katakana
賞品 shou hin – prize prize money is 賞金 shou kin
ラッキな rakki na – lucky most foreign words that act as adjectives are na adjectives.

こと koto – thing, matter lucky thing

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