iPhone Application: Toddler Vocabulary

Our first Toddler iPhone app!

Over 450 sound files, 150 words in English, Spanish, and of course Japanese.

English / Spanish / Japanese Toddler Vocabulary iPhone / iTouch

If you are a user and have any problems or questions about the application, please email us or call our Toll Free number at 1-866-837-3607.
iPhone Japanese app

Tested and Enjoyed by Clay’s Two Toddlers
(Enjoyed a little too much; I need my iPhone back!)

-=iPhone or iTouch for Toddlers=-

Let your toddler learn 150 useful (toddler friendly) words in English, Spanish, or Japanese. All with sound recorded by native speakers.

Toddler Vocabulary
Ages 0-3
$.99 APP

Our first App for Toddlers!
Clay has two toddlers who enjoy testing this English, Spanish, & Japanese toddler friendly vocabulary builder. Over 150 words!

Toddler Vocab English Spanish Japanese


ENGLISH + SPANISH + JAPANESE = Language learning fun!

Over 150 vocabulary words hand picked for your toddler–each with an English, Spanish, and Japanese sound file. Your toddler won’t just see a pretty picture, but he or she will hear it in English, Spanish, Japanese, all languages, or none at all!

Your child chooses from one of six picture and color coded categories. The first flashcard appears and automatically speaks the word in the language you choose (default is English).

We designed this to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Hand it to your toddler (may want to put your iPhone on Airplane mode!) and let Toddler Vocabulary entertain (and teach) while you read that new summer novel.

iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app

iPhone Japanese app iPhone Japanese app

The six categories are:
1) Animals
2) Food & Drink
3) Things
4) Numbers (1-25)
5) Colors
6) Around the House objects

Parents! Do you want to expose your child to Spanish or Japanese? This app contains over 450 sound files covering 150+ words in three languages. AND it is LESS than a dollar!! (Ok, a penny less, but…)


1) Auto play the word in English, Spanish, or Japanese.
2) Have all three languages play automatically or none at all (silent mode).
3) Choose to have the words in each category display Randomly (default) or Alphabetical (numbers go from 1-25 when set "Alphabetical").
4) Your settings are saved when the app closes.

This is our first venture with making iPhone apps not directly related to learning Japanese. (If you are interested in Japanese, please see our other apps) We would LOVE to hear any comments or suggestions about it. Clay (the main guy behind this) has two children under four and would like to make this app better and better for them and of course for your child too!

Is this site helping your Japanese? Do you have a spare $1 to help Clay pay the bills?

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