Kanji: 万 man 10,000

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The next in numbers. add another 0
JLPT N5: 13 / 100 | 3 Strokes

On: ばん; まん

Meaning: ten thousand


Stroke Order:

The stroke order for kanji like this is a little different. Start at the top horizontal line but the second stroke is the rightmost one that looks like フ

百万 hyaku man – a million (1,000,000) [100 &10,000] 一万円 ichi man en – 10,000 yen (about $100 US)
万歳 ban zai – hurrah! banzai! hooray! [usually said 3 times in a row]

Example Sentence:
hai, ichiman gurai arimasu.
Yes, I have about 10,000 yen.

[Again, this is about $100 USD]


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