Kanji: 千 sen 1000

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It looks like a 10 [ 十 ] with a slanted line over it. Think of the line as adding two extra 0’s: 1000
JLPT N5: 12 / 100 | 3 Strokes


On: セン
Kun: ち

Meaning: thousand


Stroke Order:

1) top (almost) horizontal line; 2) second horizontal line; 3) the vertical line from top to bottom.

千円 sen en – 1000 yen [the 一 ichi becomes "iss" perhaps because it is easier to say than "ichisen." Also yen is pronounced "en"] 三千二百 san zen ni hyaku – 3,200
二千年 ni sen nen – the year 2000

Example Sentence:
kore wa gosen en hodo de kaemasu.
This can be bought for about 5,000 yen.

[hodo shows the "about" uncertainty.]


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