Cats & Bears

A look at kanji that look like bears and cats

Here are those kanji masquerading as cats!

The Kanji in Question meaning / readings Combos and related words
猫 Readings: びょう byou , ねこ neko
Meaning: Cat
猫舌 neko jita – A sensitive tongue to heat
猫背 neko ze – stooping, stooping over (like a cat)
描 Readings: びょう byou , えが+く ega+ku, か+く ka+ku
Meaning: To draw, to picture, to describe
描写 byou sha – a description, to describe
苗 Readings: びょう byou , なえ nae ,  なわ nawa
Meaning: a seedling; a young plant, tree
苗代 nawa shiro – a nursery; a bed for rice seedlings
苗木 nae gi – a young tree

Have a look at the bear’s cousins…

The Kanji in Question meaning / readings Combos and related words
熊 Readings: くま kuma
Meaning: Bear
洗熊 arai guma – raccoon (lit. washing bear – because this animal washes his paws)
熊のプーさん kuma no pu-san – Winnie the Pooh
白熊 shiro kuma – Polar Bear
能 Readings: のう nou
Meaning: ability; the Noh (play)
可能 kanou – possible
不可能 fukanou – impossible
性能 seinou – ability; efficiency
態 Readings: たい tai
Meaning: appearance; state of affairs
態度 taido – attitude

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