Lessons at The Japanese Page

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Beginner Japanese resources at TJP
Beginner information
New to Japanese? | Hiragana | Katakana | Using your Computer | About TJP

Japanese Grammar Lessons
Grammar information
3 kyuu Grammar | 100 Grammar Points | Word Order | Particles

Kanji Lessons
Kanji information
JLPT Kanji Lists | Kanji Dictionary | JLPT Information

Culture of Japan
Culture information
Politeness | Prefectures | Traditional Songs | Nattou

Vocabulary Lessons
Vocabulary information
Vocabulary Lists | Etymology | Word Studies | Onomatopoeia | Proverbs

General Japanese lessons
General Lessons
On Time | Frank and the Obaasan | Other

Fun things about Japanese
Fun stuff
Kotoba Zamurai | How to Wow | Quizzes

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