This part is a little different... Take it slow and you should be able to catch on


How to make the 'ten-ten' letters. A 'ten-ten' is like a double- quote (") It changes the sound of the letter to a harder sound. You can ONLY 'ten-ten' the 'K' row, the 'S' row, the 'T' row and the 'H' row. (look at the chart to the right - the red ones are the ones with slightly difficult pronunciation)

Now look at the chart below. You will see that

  • the 'K' row becomes 'G' (still the same good ole ka only with a ten-ten ; notice it is a harder sound)

  • the 'S' row becomes 'Z' (again harder sound)

  • the 'T' row becomes 'D'

  • the 'H' row becomes 'B' or 'P' ('B' is with a ten-ten (ex. ba) and 'P' is with a circle (ex. pa))

NOTE: Actually if you allow it to sink in, the sound changes seem quite logical. You will get used to it quickly

Review this page until you feel comfortable with it

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1 a i u e o R 2 ka ki ku ke ko R 3 sa shi su se so R 4 ta chi tsu te to R 5 na ni nu ne no R
ha hi fu he ho R 7 ma mi mu me mo R 8 ya yu yo R 9 ra ri ru re ro R 10 wa n wo R 11 combo 12 last