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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
つらなる:れんつらねる:れる - link, in succession 関連 kan ren - relation, connection
道連れ michi zure - a fellow traveler, travelling together
連休 ren kyuu - consecutive holidays
ていにわ - court, garden 家庭 ka tei - family, household
石庭 seki tei - rock garden
てい:ひくい:ひくめる:ひくまる - low 背が低い se ga hikui - being short (person)
最低限 sai tei gen - minimum
てい - stop, halt バス停 basu tei - bus stop
停学 tei gaku - suspend from school
てい:ほど - extent, span, degree 教科課程 kyou ka ka tei - school curriculum
先程 saki hodo - some time ago
でい:どろ - mud 泥棒 doro bou - theif, burglar
雲泥の差がある。 un dei no sa ga aru - there is a great difference (between...)
てき suffix for forming adjectives from nouns まと - mark, target 一時的 ichi ji teki - temporary
印象的 in shou teki - impressive
間接的 kan setsu teki - indirectly
具体的 gu tai teki - concretly, definite
てき - suitable 快適 kai teki - pleasant, comfortable
不適当 fu teki tou - inadequacy, unfitness
てつ - iron 地下鉄 chi ka tetsu - subway, underground train
鉄棒 tetsu bou - iron bar, crowbar
てん - point, marks, dot 凝固点 gyou ko ten - freezing point
交差点 kou sa ten - intersection, crossing
てんでんとのどの - palace, lord 宮殿 kyuu den - palace
神殿 shin den - temple (Jerusalem)
とうのぼ- climb 登山者 to zan sha - a mountain climber
登場 tou jou - an appearence, entry (on stage)
- follower 使徒 shi to - apostle, disciple
偶像教徒的 guu zou kyou to teki - idolatrous
- way 途中 to chuu - on the way
前途有望 zen to yuu bou - a promising future
わたる:わた- cross, go across 手渡す te watasu - to hand over, surrender
綱渡り tsuna watari - tight-rope walking
渡り鳥 watari dori - migratory bird
- apply on a surface 塗物 nuri mono - lacquer ware
ペンキ塗り立て penki nuri tate - wet paint, freshly painted
とうげる - to throw 投球 tou kyuu - pitching, throw a ball
投資 tou shi - investment
投票 tou hyou - voting, to vote
とうひとしい - equal, class 高等 kou tou - high class
一等賞 ittou shou - 1st place prize
等身大 tou shin dai - life-sized
とう- hot water お湯 oyu - hot water
湯桶読み yu tou yomi - mixing on-kun readings
湯気 yu ge - steam, vapour
とう- lamp 懐中電灯 kai chuu den tou - flashlight
蛍光燈 kei kou tou - fluorescent
とう - party, sect, group 反対党 han tai tou - opposition party
民主党 min shu tou - Democratic party
とう - arrive 人跡未踏 jin seki mi tou - unexplored
到着 tou chaku - arrival
とうげる:がす:のがす:のがれる - to escape 夜逃げ yo nige - night flight; fleeing in the night
敵前逃亡 teki zen tou bou - fleeing before the enemy, see the enemy and run
逃亡者 tou bou sha - fugitive
とう:ぬすむ - to steal 強盗 gou tou - burglary, robbery
盗作 tou saku - plagiarism
盗賊 tou zoku - thief
とう:つつ - tube 円筒 en tou - a cylinder
水筒 sui tou - a canteen, flask, water bottle
返信用封筒 hen shin you fuu tou - SASE, self-addressed stamped envelope
とう - tower 管制塔 kan sei tou - control tower
バベルの塔 baberu no tou - the Tower of Babel
どうわらべ - child お河童 okappa - bobbed hairstyle
河童 kappa - Japanese mythical water creature
童話 dou wa - a children's story, fairy tale
とうはたら- work 働き中毒 hataraki chuu doku - a workaholic, work + poisoning
働き蜂 hataraki bachi - a worker bee
どう - copper, bronze 銅メダル dou medaru - a bronze medal
銅山 dou zan - copper mine
とうみちび- to lead, guide 個人指導 ko jin shi dou - personal guidance, tutoring
盲導犬 mou dou ken - seeing eye dog

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