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The Kanji Readings & Meanings
けがto bring disgrace upon; to soilよごす:きたなto get dirty 汚す yogosu - to stain, to soil
汚染 o sen - pollution
大気汚染 tai ki o sen - air pollution
やわらぐ:なごpeace, sum, Japan 昭和 shou wa - emporer & era name of Japan (1926-89)
調和 chou wa - harmony
平和 hei wa - peace
和食 wa shoku - Japanese style food
いる:ろうける old 海老 e bi - a lobster, shrimp
敬老の日 kei rou no hi - Respect for the Aged Day
おう to bear; to be indebted to ける to lose; be defeatedかす to beat; defeat 勝負 shou bu - a match, contest, bout
負け make - a defeat
根負け kon make - to run out of patience; to give up due to being out-done
おうつい chase 追い掛ける oi kakeru - to run after; chase
追放 tsui hou - banishment; exile
おう king 王国 ou koku - kingdom, monarchy
王子 ou ji - a prince
王手 ou te - checkmate, check (shougi/chess)
王様 ou sama - a king
おうこう yellow 黄金律 ou gon ritsu - the Golden Rule
黄昏 taso gare - twilight
黄色 ki iro - yellow
おう center 震央 shin ou - center of earthquake; epicenter中央 chuu ou - the center; central; middle
おうよこ side; width; beside 横泳ぎ yoko oyogi - the sidestroke (swimming)
横綱 yoko zuna - the highest ranking in sumo
横断 ou dan - crossing (a road)
おう Europe 西欧 sei ou - Western Europe
欧風 ou fuu - European style
おうす:さえる push 押し入れ oshi ire - a closet
押し売り oshi uri - a high pressure salesman
おう interiorおく inner part; depths; heart 奥さん okusan - (your) wife
奥の手 oku no te - the last resort; secret skills
おかto commit; violateはん offense 違犯 i han - violation; transgression
再犯 sai han - second offense
防犯 bou han - crime prevention
現行犯で gen kou han de - caught red handed
犯罪 han zai - a crime
おがむ:はい worship; humbly 偶像礼拝 guu zou rei hai - idolatry
礼拝 rei hai - worship
拝啓 hai kei - Dear ..., (start of a letter)
おぎなう: to supply; to compensate; to supplement 補給 ho kyuu - supply; replenish
補聴器 ho chou ku - hearing aid
く: to place; to put 位置 i chi - place; situation
置き場 oki ba - a place to store something
おく hundred million 一億 ichi oku - 100,000,000
おくらす:おくれる:おそslow; late 遅刻 chi koku - to be late; lateness
遅延 chi en - to delay; procrastination
おくる:ぞうそう to present a gift 贈収賄 zou shuu wai - bribery; corruption
贈り物 okuri mono - a present; gift
おさない:よう childish; very young 幼児 you ji - a baby; infant
幼稚園 you chi en - kindergarten
おさまる: to rule over; govern; なおcure 政治 sei ji - politics; government
民主政治 min shu sei ji - Democratic government
治す naosu - to cure; heal
明治時代 mei ji ji dai - the Meiji Period (1868-1912)
おさまる:しゅう to obtain; to pay (taxes); to store 収穫 shuu kaku - harvest
収入 shuu nyuu - income
収容 shuu you - accommodation
おそれる to fearきょう:おそfear; anxietyおそろしいfearful; fierce; awful 恐ろしい osoroshii - terriable; dreadful
恐怖 kyou fu - terror; fear
恐竜 kyou ryuu - dinosaur
ちる:らくとす to fall 落ちる ochiru - to fail (a test); fall down; to drop
お洒落 osha re - fashion-conscious
猿も木から落ちる saru mo ki kara ochiru - Even monkeys can fall from the trees. (idiom) anyone can make mistakes
おっとふう husband; man 工夫 ku fuu - a device; scheme
丈夫 jyou bu - healthy; strong; sturdy
大丈夫 dai jyou bu - ok; alright
夫婦 fuu fu - a married couple; husband and wife
おとずれる:ほうたずねる to visit; to call on 探訪 tan bou - an inquiry; searching
訪問 hou mon - to visit; to call
おどり :よう dance:おどる to dance; to jump 踊る odoru - to dance
踊り odori - a dance
おのおのかく each; every 各国 kakkoku - every country; each country
各駅停車 kaku eki tei sha - local train (a train that stops at every station)
おびたい a belt; a regionびる to wear 危険地帯 ki ken chi tai - danger zone
黒帯 kuro obi - a black belt (martial arts)
携帯電話 kei tai den wa - a keitai (portable phone)
熱帯 nettai - the tropics

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