List of い-Adjectives Part 1

A list of common beginner level -i adjective vocabulary words grouped by the categories: Temperatures, Amounts, Sizes, and others with examples and mouseover readings.

I’ve tried to break these up into smaller related categories for ease. -Oni


    熱い hot (thing)
    暑い hot (weather)
    冷たい cold (to the touch)
    寒い cold (weather)
    温かい warm
    涼しい cool
    温い lukewarm, not hot enough


    多い many, numerous, much
    少ない few, little, limited, scarce (see )
    高い expensive, tall
    安い cheap


    遠い far, distant
    近い close, near
    広い wide, broad, spacious
    狭い narrow, small, restricted, cramped
    太い thick, broad
    大きい big
    小さい small
    長い long
    短い short
    低い short, low
    細い thin, fine, slender, narrow


    *良い good
    悪い bad
    忙しい busy
    嬉しい happy
    悲しい sad
    眠い sleepy


    今日天気暑いです。 Today’s weather is hot.

    日本語難しいです。 Japanese is hard.

    眠いです。 I am sleepy.

* – 良い actually has another reading, よい, which is used if 良い is conjugated.
例えば:良い = いい, 良かった = よかった

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Please thank Daisuke for submitting this list originally. I hope to expand on his good work. -Oni

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