Clay’s Proverbs

A few wise sayings by our own Clay

(which may or may not be applicable in the real world)

1. クレイの諺: 「僕の万年床は僕の自慢」
kurei no kotowaza: “boku no mannendoko wa boku no jiman”
Clay’s proverb: My unmade bed is my pride.

2. クレイの諺: 「忍者走りをするとき、靴ひもがゆるんでいると悲惨なことを招く」
kurei no kotowaza: “ninjabashiri o suru toki, kutsuhimo ga yurundeiru to hisan na koto o maneku”
Clay’s proverb: “When running ninja-style, having loose shoe strings invites misery”

3. クレイの諺: 「確かに刀ははしに勝る」
kurei no kotowaza: tashikani katana wa hashi ni masaru.
Clay’s proverb: “Most assuredly, the sword is mightier than the chopsticks.”

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