Long, Useless Words

Long strings of kanji better expressed in katakana

Today’s list will deal with a look at insanely long kanji combos that describe words that are more easily expressed in foreign katakana words.  Wheh! If I lost you there and I think I did , don’t worry there are even more incomprehensible examples to follow!

1 ) 清涼飲料水 ( sei ryou in ryou sui )
        MEANING:  “Soft Drinks”
        KATAKANA: コーラ ( ko-ra )


2 ) 未確認飛行物体 ( mi kaku nin hi kou buttai )
        MEANING:  “Unidentified Flying Object”
         KATAKANA:  ユーフォー ( yu-fo- )


3 ) 自動販売機 ( ji dou han bai ki ) [not really useless!]         MEANING:  “Vending machine (for drinks…)”
        SHORTENED KANJI: 自販機 ( ji han ki )


4 ) 流行性感冒 ( ryuu kou sei kan bou )
        MEANING: “Influenza”
        KATAKANA: インフルエンザ ( infuruenza )

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