The Planets in Japanese

Japanese Lesson on how to say the planet names in Japanese.

* Out of respect for Mickey, Pluto is included in this list

The shortcut names for the planets are:

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すいせい Mercury Closest to the Sun so there is no water
きんせい Venus Venus shines in the sky like gold
ちきゅう Earth You are a 地球人
かせい Mars The Martians try to destory earth with fire
もくせい Jupiter Think of the Redwood forest with the huge trees
どせい Saturn Saturn starts with ‘Satur’ just like Saturday (土曜日)
てんのうせい Uranus You say ‘Your highness‘ before the king
かいおうせい Neptune Neptune was the king of the sea (海)
めいおうせい Pluto Pluto, the god of the underworld or hades is called 冥界 in Japanese

Or if you must have the dreaded romaji:

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