Vocabulary at the Post Office

A few common vocabulary words at the post office with sound


  • 切手 kitte – stamp
  • 手紙 tegami – letter
  • はがき hagaki – post card
  • 封筒 fuutou – envelope
  • hako – box
  • 船便 funa bin – surface mail (by boat)
  • 航空便 kou kuu bin – air mail
  • 小包 kozutsumi – package



  • 切手をください。 kitte kudasai
    Please give me a stamp

  • ~までお願いします ~ made onegaishimasu
    Please send to ______ (amerika, kanada, igirisu…)

  • 送りたい okuri tai
    I want to send (something)

  • これを送りたいんですが。 kore o okuritain desu ga…
    I would like to send this. (more polite)
  • これは大丈夫ですか? kore wa daijoubu desu ka?
    Is this ok?
  • いつ届きますか? itsu todokimasu ka?
    When will it arrive?
  • おいくらですか?o ikura desu ka
    How much is it? (The o at the beginning makes it polite)

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