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What Superpower Do You Want? Japanese Superpowers?

FLASH JAPANESE LESSON   What superpower would you like to have? X-Ray vision? Ability to fly? Teleport? All of the above? Well, sorry. That's not happening, but I can help you with Japanese superpowers, that is, how to say common superpowers in Japanese.   ① 透視能力...

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Beginner Word of the Day – 蜂 [bee]

Today’s word for beginner – 蜂 [bee].アレルギーがあるので、蜂にさされないように気をつけています。あれるぎーがあるので、はちにさされないようにきをつけています。I have allergies, so I take care to avoid bee stings.(arerugi- ga aru node, hachi ni sasarenai you ni ki wo tsuketeimasu.)

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