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Makoto e-Zine #9 December 2018 Audio Files

Issue #9 December 2018 DOWNLOAD the eBOOK: Please note: We are providing the sound files from this issue openly, but to follow along and have full access to grammatical notes and the running gloss, please either purchase this issue at: or, better...

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Directions in Japanese Quick Kanji Lesson

Directions in Japanese A quick kanji lesson. Here are a few kanji showing various directions in Japanese. Learn these useful characters when asking for directions or looking at a map. Only the most used readings are given. 上 On: ジョウ Kun: うえ Meaning: up; above 上手(じょうず)...

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Japanese Alexa Commands: Arekusa, Speak Nihongo!

Alexa! Speak Japanese. Did you know you can set your Alexa device to answer in Japanese? Same thing with Siri and other AI assistants. While I am certain these commands work for other devices, let's look at Alexa specifically. SETTING UP ALEXA IN JAPANESE If you have...

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Countries and Language Names in Japanese

In English we say "Japanese" and "Spanish," but not "Germanese" or "Americanish." In Japanese, saying language names is, in some ways, easier. Just add a 語 go after the country mainly associated with the language. Regular Examples 日本 nihon Japan 日本語 nihongo Japanese...

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