One of my favorite shows is 笑点 (You have to write わらう then てん in Microsoft IME).
It is famous for its 座布団 (zabuton – cushions) and it is always a great source for オヤジギャグ which is, as the Kenkyusha 和英 puts it, “an older man’s attempt at humor”.
The five or six comedians sit on cushions and, based on the rules created by the emcee 桂歌丸 Katsura Utamaru, they make funnies. If their funny is really funny (or clever), they get one or more 座布団 to sit on. If their funny wasn’t very, Utamaru will ignore them or if necessary, take one or more 座布団 away from them.
Well, last night 歌丸 got upset and took away everyone’s cushions.
One running joke is Utamaru’s impending death since he looks old (although he is only about 70). Sometimes that gets one or two cushions removed. Also Utamaru has a rule against singing. That can get one penalized. However, what got all cushions removed from everyone was… fireworks.
たい平 Taihei, the group’s newest member (I think), has a bit where he whistles the sound of a firecracker’s ascent and then hits the tatami mat for the explosions. It really does sound like fireworks. This alone would be enough to upset Utamaru, but the fact everyone joined in made it that much worse.
One member’s unique job is carrying the 座布団. This is 山田.
yamada kun, zenin no zenbu o motte kudasai.
Yamada, take every cushion from everyone!

To learn more about Shoten Visit the Official Site.

笑点 shoten The name of the comedy show
座布団 zabuton Japanese large cushions
オヤジギャグ oyaji gyagu “an old man’s gag”, corny wordplays usually
Kenkyusha 和英 waei Kenkyusha’s super Japanese-English dictionary with some 480,000 Entries!
桂歌丸 Katsura Utamaru – The name of the current announcer for Shoten
山田 Yamada A common Japanese last name
全員 zen in everyone
no possessive
全部 zen bu everything [in this case, all the cushions] を o direct object marker
持ってください motte kudasai Please take (cushions)

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