There was a huge sign that read ‘Pentax’ in Fukui near the Bookoff on Route 8. I’m sure you know exactly where I’m talking about. You know, the one near my favorite Indian restaurant, Ganga.* Anyway, I had no idea what Pentax was, but here is a very amazing site that reads in a fairly natural voice any Japanese (or English) you paste into it:
One catch – You have to use IE. Firefox won’t speak.

Teh_Freak at TJP told everyone about it on the forums. (here) Nice find. I only looked for a second, but couldn’t find pricing on the software.  Must be fairly pricey.

Ganga - Curry Rice
* Yummm, it looks like Ganga has a new store in Tsuruga. Yumi interviewed the owner once when she was a radio DJ for FM Fukui. Years later as a thank you for that, he picked up the tab for one of our meals. Nice guy. He actually has a photo he took of Mother Teresa when he was in India.

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