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This morning Yumi awoke and couldn’t move her neck. Recently she has been saying のどがいた~い! nodo ga ita~i! which means ‘my throat hurts, darnit!’ (ok, I added the ‘darnit’) We’ve been sharing colds.

But this morning she said 首がいた~い! kubi ga ita~i which means ‘my neck hurts, darnit!’
At first, I thought she made a mistake. After all, every morning for a week she has greeted me with a のどがいた~い! even before an おはようございます! But it turns out she had (has) a crick in her neck.
さて、how does one say ‘crick in the neck’ in Japanese? I know you must get this all the time.

寝違えne chigae

When you sleep 「寝」 in a bad 「違え」 position, you get a crick in your neck.
As the dutiful husband that I am, I Googled ‘crick in the neck’ to find how to ease the pain. I found several sensible advice articles saying to apply heat and massage it out. Yumi grabbed the computer and did a Google search for 「寝違え なおす」. The Japanese consensus was to NOT apply heat as that would only make it worse but to apply cold and definitely not massage.

Oh well.

Japanese Vocabulary Image
のど nodo throat
ga subject particle (used in a sentence to show what’s the subject)
いた~い ita~i hurt (the ~ is just used to mimic her expression)
kubi neck
おはようございます! ohayou gozaimasu! Good morning!
ne sleep
違え chigae different, wrong
なおす naosu fix, heal

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