Wanting to test my new web cam with the better settings, I made this video showing off a new Nintendo DS software a friend sent me. It is called 1度は読んでおきたい・日本文学100選. It includes 130 Ebooks from famous Japanese author in public domain.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EG2yR7I7vY&rel=1] Beginners wouldn’t get much out of it, but Intermediates and above should love it. It has many extras like author info, abstracts and background on each story, illustrations etc.
The negatives are few. You can’t turn on furigana for all kanji. It does automatically display furigana for difficult or archaic readings, but you need to know readings for most common kanji. In addition, the DS screen resolution isn’t high. This makes it kind of hard to read complex kanji even with the largest font.
Still, it is excellent for advanced students wanting to read Japanese classics. I will probably add it to the store line up, but I haven’t yet.

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